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To make India and surrounding nations become energy Independent by exploring all available clean energy solutions. Additionally, make India and Surrounding Nations implement all available solutions for clean air, water and power. Our primary focus is India and surrounding nations.
Contribute to the nation by making it energy independent with implementation of commercially viable. State of the art,Environment friendly (Green Energy), Renewable Energy & Waste to Energy related technologies and Products.
Technologies & Products used to generate 'Green Energy' from Natural Resources. 
  • Biomass Gasification based Energy Generation.
  • Waste Tire Pyrolysis
  • Solar Power Generation (PV & Thermal Methods)
  • Wind Power Generation (Vertical & Low Speed Wind Turbines)
  • Flowing Water Power Generation.
  • Tidal waves/currents Energy Generation.
  • Biogas(Methanation based) CHP Concepts.
  • Artificial Algae Cultivation methods for Bio Fuels Productions
  • Every day wastes Solution (Municipal wastes/ Liquid wastes)
  • CDM Project Developments as per Guidelines by UNFCCC